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Periodically as Baldwin County Lawn Care encounter projects or interesting periods of weather, we will post about ways to improve your lawn and landscapes to keep them happy and healthy. 

June 27: Here Comes The Sun

This week, we are experiencing significant temperatures in Baldwin County which will impact the way we need to care for our lawns and ourselves. Here are a few quick tips to help you navigate this weeks weather challenges:

Tip 1 - Cut: Don't cut lawns too short! A mis-managed cut will make your lawn unhappy, reducing it's ability to produce energy for growth. This mistake will also reduce your lawns tolerance for withstanding the stress this weeks weather will create (a double whammy for your lawn). 

Tip 2 - Hydration: Don't overwater! Water deeply and in-frequently as most turf grasses are still happy and tolerate being dry. Disease thrives in wet conditions and overwatering, combined with Baldwin County's humidity and propensity for rain, could create conditions for your lawn to become unhappy and ill. 

Tip 3 - Clippings: Don't bag! As they decompose, they will help feed your lawn and act as a fertilizer. However, if your lawn is experiencing challenges with weeds, crab grass, etc., you may chose to bag as this can spread these pesky annoyances throughout your lawn. In healthier areas, we bag clippings and spread to other less strong lawn areas to share some healthy decomposition and nutrients!


We hope these tips give you some ideas to employ this week and the rest of the summer! If you need some help beating the heat and taking care of your lawn, give us a call and let our team come help!

Baldwin County Lawn Care
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